an interdisciplinary studio based in sweden 


We are an online collective working with experiences, environments and human centered design. We combine art and design to transform places, create new worlds and play with people's minds.

It all started as a Friday event at an underground club in the south of Sweden. A bunch of people coming together to explore things we didn't know. Then we started experimenting with an interdisciplinary art form in public spaces. 

What we do evolves depending of who is involved and where we are. Right now we only exist in the internet.

Our work is open and experimental.

We are a registered non-profit Swedish organization. 




The City of Malmö
Lund University
Region Skåne
Malmö University

2016 The Sten K Johnson Scholarship  
2015 Sparbanks Stiftelsen Skåne 
2014 City Mart / LLGA – Cities Pilot the Future

We are a swedish non-profit organization 802474-6557

Stapelbäddsgatan 3
211 19 Malmö, Sweden



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