Exploring the relations between humans and places.




For the last 35 days we’ve been crowdfunding a book on co-creation, design thinking and spaces. But it wasn’t just about the book. We were reaching out for support. We believe that only by being an independent player can we create spaces for interdisciplinarity. We are not here to contribute to the idea that value represents money, we are driven by the urge to create something different and bigger than us, to push the limits of this paradigm in a world where so many things feel so wrong. We refuse to be part of the problem.

50 amazing people from 12 countries believed in us and we are forever thankful for their contribution. 

But the thing is...we didn’t make it. We were reaching for 10,000 dollars that after Swedish taxes and fees would amount to about half that. But we only received 20% of our target, and it’s simply not possible to cover costs of making the book as we imagined it. But the other thing is, we see our work as a big experiment where we try things and we measure their impact and we keep moving forward. So after 35 days, we see failure, we see tons of learning, we see lots of opportunities that opened up, we see new ideas and we see ourselves growing stronger on so many levels. And that’s what it’s all about. 

We are working and working. We are experimenting with virtual reality to imagine spaces, developing open systems and methods for co-creation and taking data collection on people’s behaviors to the next level. We are after something. 

Our work is who we are. This is our attempt to imagine a world where things are different and change is possible. So, thank you for being part of all this, 

The Connectors Society