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We arrived unknown.

We'd been preparing for months: collecting new, short writing from around the world; sifting through story and poetry submissions for the finest literary delights; battling with printers and formatting software for millimetre precision; designing, prototyping, designing, prototyping, designing, prototyping; and wielding exacto knives, glue-sticks and threads to hand-make the first ever Word-o-Mat edition.

#1. Our baby.

Video: baptism of the first edition

50 boxes, 300 books and 3800 tiny pages later we found ourselves on our way to Istanbul to launch it into the world at the FanzineIST Istanbul zine fair

Video: Day 1 at the FanzineIST zine fair in Kadıköy

This was it. The big moment. The grand unveiling. The first public viewing. Finally, the ultimate jury (the public) would be able to judge the merit of our months of work... We were bricking it.  

But they loved it! Over three days of zine festival we sold out of the first batch of Word-o-Mat Edition #1 and the crowd called out for more. It was an absolute treat to blether to folk from all corners of the world about the project. People from Greece, from Switzerland, from France, Germany, Denmark, England, Italy, Spain, Turkey (of course), you name it, they were there. 

Some Word-o-Mat alliances were formed with some of our favourite zinesters at the festival. Expect guest Word-o-Mat appearances from visual freakouts like Torchon (Switzerland) and Hawaii Fanzin (Turkey - the sunburnt girl below. We're also huge fans of feline photographer Michela Palermo (Italy), the dark-intense-and-definitely-NSFW Flaneur Fanzine (Turkey), and cargo-bike-loving-metalheads DOC Industries (Spain and other places). There were others. So many others. People making beautiful objects and getting them out there for reasons that were not money.

Zine culture is awesome. Trading and talking. Good chat. Good folk. Many many thanks to Denis Beser and his team for organising.

Word-o-Mat lives. Now we're preparing a crowdfunding campaign to get the funds together to get the Word-o-Mat machine up and running in Malmö and will be getting back to the cutting board to make more tiny words in tiny books in tiny boxes. Keep an eye on our facebook, instagram, twitter and website to order an edition to be posted to your door.     

Some of the treasures we swapped for at the FanzineIST zine fair

Some of the treasures we swapped for at the FanzineIST zine fair

Word-o-Mat support team  Aida and Cris  outside one of the venues on day 2 of FanzineIST

Word-o-Mat support team Aida and Cris outside one of the venues on day 2 of FanzineIST

Video: The best thing about Istanbul (other than the zine fair, obvz) was bearing witness to the five-times-daily prayer call. Mosques call to each other from East to West throughout the city in an almighty cacophony. It is a moving and miraculous phenomenon. 

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