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We had a visitor. A sound magician. The lovely Tim Crombie (AKA Only Rays) flew out to Malmö all the way from London to help us make resonating instruments out of... stuff. 

We tapped into the hive mind outside in the sun in the newly-created geodesic dome venue 3V 59 and drew some sketches of what we were dreaming of creating:

This was Tim's vision before the workshop:

"As a maker I'm specifically interested in playing with materials in order to gain a tacit knowledge of the world around us. Being a designer or an engineer means that you can understand products and the built environment on a more intimate level. You can see though the veneer of a design and understand the components at work within it.
In this workshop we'll play around with strings, tines and percussion made from found materials and use objects to resonate and amplify the sounds. These are the two fundamentals of musical instrument design and by playing around with them in a very DIY manner we can start to gain a new knowledge of instruments in general and open up our heads to the potentials of everyday objects for sound making."

And we succeeded in making it a reality. Using bits of bikes from Cykelköket, tools from maker space Fabriken and the inventiveness of people, we made some great instruments. And quite a racket... This is the only available footage of a crazy jam that occurred deep in the belly of STPLN:

We made thumb pianos out of the teeth of street sweepers and pieces of saw blades; resonating harp-ish things from cans and wood and, of course, general percussion instruments from whatever was available. 

It was amazing to get hands-on and channel our inner makers with the mad tools at Fabriken. It was time to unleash our inner Rosie the Riveter

Each participant took away a hand-made instrument so results of the workshop continue to resonate through Malmö.

Tim Crombie//

Tim is an artist, musician, designer and maker who lives in London. He loves making things, making sounds and making things that make sounds. He's worked with choirs, sound installations, and lots and lots of instruments. He makes music as Only Rays