Exploring the relations between humans and places.




We have an evolving visual identity. We welcome artists /designers/photographers/makers to make an interpretation of The Connectors Society. No guidelines. 


"I decided to work in collage, where I'm feeling most comfortable at the moment, mixing it with some illustration as well. I upload some of the stuff I make onto Instagram. Many are utopian digital collages with a political element. These are the ones I love to do." -Joan from Alicante, Spain.


Austrian-based Felix Church. felixachurch.com + instagram.com/felixachurch


"I'm an architecture student at ETSAM (Madrid). I'm somewhere in between design, architecture and art, trying new things to find where my place is. I do believe that design must give the best answer to what has been proposed, long before the whim of the artist. Because of this, I like to change my technique and format for each work.What really caught my attention about The Connectors Society is exactly that part about connections. Different artists from all around the world taking part virtually in a project that has physical location. The illustration is about different ways to be connected in all directions. The repetition of elements in the pattern and the mixing of collage work the same way as the society itself does, where every single part is important and necessary." -Apuwaltz