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Salon #36 Wasted! Food Waste in Europe

  • Stpln Stapelbäddsgatan 3 Malmö, Skåne län, 211 19 Sweden (map)


We all know we waste too much food. Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted. This salon is about food waste and how to organise ourselves to not be so trashy: from the grassroots to international policy.

We welcome three speakers from around Europe working from different sides of food waste:

From Paris, France we have Arash Derambarsh: "the man who forced French supermarkets to donate food wants to take law global" -The Guardian. You might remember him from the papers this summer when he mobilised thousands of people in an incredibly successful campaign against food waste. This led to national legislation being passed forcing all French supermarkets to give their food waste to charity. He’ll tell us about his campaign and how we can help to take these laws EU-wide.

From Malmö, Sweden we have our very own Zeenath Hasan from Rude Food: a successful restaurant and catering service that uses volunteers to intercept waste food and transform it into delicious cuisine. She’ll tell us how they work and give us tips on how to mobilise grassroots, community projects to combat food waste.

From Copenhagen, Denmark; Sanne Stephansen from Rub & Stub: a high end restaurant who are rebranding “waste food” as something much more appealing. She’ll share learnings from her project and help us change how people think about food.

This even is FREE and open to everybody, but we want to eliminate foodwaste at our events, so please take a second to register.