Connectors Salon

Connectors Salons are +/- monthly inspirational talks/networking/experience events held in a relaxed setting featuring some of the most aspiring folk from around the world. 


Connectors Salons are inspirational talks/networking/experience events held in a relaxed setting featuring some of the most aspiring people from around the world.

The events feature creative process and the people behind them.



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Processes and environments: how and where things get made. Each event focuses on one topic and different makers are invited to share their perspectives, methods and ideas. It’s about learning, connecting and sharing through the things we make. 
Each MADE IN event also features a color and atmosphere. In collaboration with STPLN.


Salon Nº 42
June 2017


This event was about the power of the skate community in creating spaces based on their needs. We focused on the importance of collaboration between different actors (citizens, city, companies) the process behind creating new spaces. How does it work when spaces are driven by the citizen sector?

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We explored the history of skateboarding community and public spaces in Malmö and Copenhagen together with Gustav from Skate Malmö = Malmö perspective, the world's only city with a Department of Skateboarding, Albert from ALIS, company, playground, workshop, community from Christiania, CPH and Fredrick from Streetlab Nu, skate shop and meeting point, owned and run by skateboarders since 2001.

We believe that the fields of architecture, planning and urban design are transitioning into multidisciplinary mediums that combine design, art and user experience. It’s not only about buildings and parks anymore but about understanding what spaces mean to the community, how they are valued and how users are a part of them. We wrote an article about the future of architecture and urban design reflecting this.


Salon Nº 41
March 2017


We explored the creative community around Norra Grängesbergsgatan in Malmö, Sweden --how things get made, how the different spots influence each other and what kind of significance the street has to the city.

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Tlön: Malmö-based performance collective. A fusion between dark play, ritual and experimental music.

Plan B: Basement shows, performance venue and Kollektivet Records, an indie label run by bands sharing the same living space. "Plan B was born out of the necessity of having a creative space from where we could run our operations with our label."

The Bird Factory: They paint, draw, animate and write. A design studio that creates artworks and graphics for companies, home, webpage, or anything you can think about. They make it real, handmade.

Nicklas Johansson: Festival expert at Malmö's street department. He was behind the NGBG street party last fall.

Arabiska Kulturinstitutet - Sverige المعهد الثقافي العربي - السويد: Arab Cultural Institute runs courses in Arabic music, dance and language workshops, lectures and cultural events.


Salon Nº 40 February 2017


We explored the art of filmmaking in Malmö. Locals making films, what are they doing and how they do it, what drives them and what do they think about film being a tool for sharing ideas with others.

Guest speakers

Christofer Nilsson from Mohave, working with music videos, photography and visual concepts and
Philip Evans, working with independent filmmaking with an analog approach. 



Salon Nº 39 
June 1st


The use of data to develop cities. How and why. If we define public spaces by ownership, who owns our cities? How can we create spaces and cities based on users’ needs? What are the challenges and limitations of understanding human behavior through data?

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Eric Baczuk from Sidewalk Labs / Google’s smart cities spin-off company /

A designer-in-residence at a company that works combining digital technologies and urban planning focusing on human experiences and interactions. Also behind the CPH Wheel.

Sophia Schuff from CITITEK / Data Driven Urban Design /

Research & knowledge based social design office working with urban design in CPH.

Søren Zebitz Nielsen from Københavns Universitet /

Søren is researching GIS methods to understand human movement patterns in cities.

Javier Burón García from / Design + tech + social action

Javier is in the makers movement and runs a design agency between Ireland and Spain. Also behind, an open source geodesic dome system.



Architects on Wheels > Made in Malmö Skate Malmö, Alis, Streetlab Nu

Made in NGBG Tlön, Plan B, The Bird Factory, Nicklas Johansson, Arabiksa Kulturinstitutet

Made in HD Christofer Nilsson, Philip Evans

I'll be back / Public Spaces x Data x Design Eric Baczuk, Sophia Schuff, Søren Zebitz, Javier Burón García

Citizen Journalism and Demanding More From Media Lorna Stephenson, Måns Adler, Mike Small

Started From the Bottom, Crowdfunding to the Top Michal Gromek

Wasted! Food Waste in Europe Arash Derambarsh, Zeenath Hasan, Sanne Stephansen

The (Un)defined Movement of Collaborative Spaces Kei Kreutler, Henrique Hinnerfeldt, Erik Duckert, Liz Rech, Caroline Lundholm

The Guerrilla Neighbors Jason Roberts

In the Cloud: The Craft of Online Collaboration Peter Sunde

The Open Plot Lina Hirsch, Lisa Petri

The Urban Canvas: Malmö’s International Street Art Artscape

Better Together: Urban Livability Through Co-creation Sophia Schuff

The Art of Cooking a Bike Katarina Älg

Gardens in the Sky: The Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden Jonatan Malmberg

A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action Julieta Talavera, Joshua Ng

The Ethical Consumer Frederik Bech

The Grassroots Talk Nils Phillips

Bananas! Film & Talk Fredrik Gertten

The Problem with Social Innovation Fredrik Björk

The Art of Finding Resources and Networking Tina Kaikkonen

Storytelling in the age of social innovation Rebecka Eriksson

Social Entrepreneurship 101 Cecilia Fredholm, Lisa Åhlén, Elisabeth Gudmundssonalong

Innovating Democracy Helena Kurki