sleep orchestra




How to evoke the feeling of personal space in public spaces?

Personal space is connected to the feelings of autonomy, control and privacy.
Personal space is a singular perception beyond the physical distance between humans. 

The Collective Sleep Orchestra is an installation that brings the individual consciousness and presence into a collective experience. We focus on the feeling of privacy within a collective action. It is an invitation to experience personal space in the context of a public space where all users can become aware of the impact of themselves in the place while keeping a feeling of comfortable privacy. 

Collective means inclusive

The Collective unit is the reminder that personal space is just a perception, a socially constructed idea to express individuality, a cropped version of reality created for the individual to satisfy individual needs. 

The Collective Sleep Orchestra explores different notions of personal space beyond individual placing and creates different units that can accommodate a range of personal needs related to age, accessibility and development.


Finding privacy in collective action

The border that separate private from collective is defined by the interaction between users. Users of the private cells have access to their surroundings though the installation (visual and sound). 


Private cells invite users to an individual action of isolation and limited accessibility to surroundings. Though sounds, the private cells create individual and anonymous imprints of their presence that replicates into the other cells. Reality is cropped, a personal singular view of the world that creates a unique private moment for each user. 


The Process

A project result of an interdisciplinary team working together for 3 days at a hackathon at The Camp in the south of France between The Hive and Zer01ne.



Experience Design - Julieta Talavera (The Connectors Society)

Sound - Myroslava Kuts (The Camp)

Architect- Sangwoo Lim (Zer01ne)

Maker - Seongmin Park (Zer01ne)

Sound - Sunghyeop Seo (Zer01ne)